Technical Support

Technical Support Division at IRT is a hand-picked Team which provide technical support in every area of IT Hardware - Software, Major Databases and Operating Systems as well as Infrastructure and products including VMware(Virtualization) and Cloud Computing(OpenStack), providing services to diverse customer base ranging from one-employee businesses to companies spanning multiple office Locations Across Globe.

With a high level of company growth we offer the stability and reassurance which we believe is unbeatable. We are renowned for our expertise, reliability and professionalism and our technical team personally ensures that each client is valued, resulting in a higher than average client retention rate.

Training Objectives

With Our Set Training Objectives we have observed that bridging the ever widening gap between supply and demand of industry trained and certified professionals has become the need of the hour. This approach empowers the aspiring IT (Network – Software & Web Development) professionals with all the education, skills, and experience needed to build lucrative careers in the global IT Industry.

Our Training is geared Towards "Increasing Efficiency" IRT Believes that an analysis of training need is an essential requirement to design effective training. The purpose of training need analysis is to determine whether there is a gap between what is required for effective performance and present level of performance.

IRT realizes how an efficient team is vitally related to a company's top line. Hence IRT with its internationally certified staff has crafted specialized educational offering designed to address the need. These customizable programs are an amalgam of the training through world class course ware and hands-on lab exercises and team projects.