SISTER CONCERN is a highly acclaimed and eminent job portal “A Leading Career Website” It is an exceptionally outsized Job Search Portal. The most complete and up-to-date job search tool for online jobseeker. has been helping thousands of smart job seekers daily to find more jobs faster & explore the best career opportunities. Portal is there to succor the employers with their recruitment delinquent. It also immensely nubs to satisfy its clients by bestowing with the appropriate database of the applicants as per manpower needs and requirements in the companies. is designed & developed with accordance to the latest and updated Trends and Needs of assorted industries and setups.

The predominant advantage of this portal is- “It is being developed by a distinguished Recruitment Firm in Nasik i.e. M&G HR Services”. This corporation is successfully on the trot since last 5 years & deals with all continuum sectors. M&G HR Services works with a sole empirical to impart quality service to its patrons. M&G HR Services play a transitional character between Employer and the Employee for upward mobility of industrial growth by providing the best and necessitating human resource. In this voyage M&G HR Services could discover many dissimilar merits and ambiguities of different portals. And hence it resulted into materialization of all embracing network of acquaintances that provide both candidate and client referral. Thus with M&G HR Services engrossment and Motto Right Job @ Right Time that came into enforcement. Hence was incorporated in the early month of June 2010 with a bizarre intention to provide the best knacks to the employers as well as employees assembled with it. It is one of kind Job Portal which will help you to get huge Database of employees as well as employers with self endorsement from all sectors and industries of different spheres across India and abroad. With understanding the necessity and vitality of job portal in today’s modern day recruitment profession we realized that would in turn be the best and the most efficient equipment in your setup which will by default gives your organization the required profit and proficiency. A Vital Role Play of Job Portal in Today’s Profession: We have a lot of technologies, but this is still basically a people-driven business. Great performance requires skilled, experienced collectors. We work hard to find people who will be successful in such a demanding and rewarding career. As a result, we have developed an extensive network of contacts that provide both candidate and client referrals. In this Journey, we could learn the different advantages & loop holes of different Portals. Thus with our motto of “Right Person @ Right Job”, we decided to launch our own portal – which is designed & developed according to industrial trends & needs of Nasik. is right here to help you at Anywhere & Anytime. It’s so easy, simple & quick!!! Just Type your requirement or advertisement s or & millions of Jobseekers will be able to see your job posting. You can do this anywhere anytime. We bequeath the employers with the following advanced features to make simpler usage of

While developing we translate this competitive advantage into solutions that offer our clients market-driven services. We offer solutions for all major pre-requisites a company demands which includes: Product/Services/Project Publishing, Web Catalogue, Manpower fulfillment Solutions
(Job posting, Online Searching Profiles, Screening and Hiring with Minimum Time Consumption) Hence we assure you an ideal covenant with which gives your setup an improved and updated assistance is fulfilling all your recruitment and endorsement prerequisite.

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